Author Topic: Can ThumbsPlus see Dropbox/Onedrive/Cloud folders  (Read 4128 times)

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ThumbsPlus will show your Internet storage areas such as Dropbos, Onedrive, Cloud (folders). In ThumbsPlus you will find these folders under Users> then your name as shown in the first attached image.

NOTE: You may receive errors when saving edits of images that are being moved or copied in Dropbox or other cloud folders so it is suggested you copy or move files to a local folder to edit them. After the final edits are completed you can copy or move the files back to the internet storage folders.

You may want to add these internet storage folders to your "Favorites" for easier access.

Tree>Add to Favorites and Tree>Edit Favorites

Use these menu selections to add and edit your favorite folders. These favorites are available in several places inside the program (File | Move to and Tree | Go to sub menus, File | Database | Open Database and View Window - File | Save As dialogs, and the location bar) to allow you to go to those folders or move files quickly.

Then you can click on the STAR and quickly go to your favorite folders.

I have attached a 2nd image that illustrates more about "Favorites".

(There is also a pull down menu in the same section of the interface that shows your most recent folder visits.)

For more information please e-mail