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General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-02-15 15:50:04 »
FastStone Image Viewer is not a database, but it's a popular and free image browser/viewer/editor/converter. It supports all the common bitmap formats and raw formats, plus HEIC and WEBP (through codecs in Win10/11). Website:

I've updated the archive to include a readme.txt - please download once more :)

Warner, I have source code to a .BMP plugin that Cerious made available in 2006, I think to help others to make their own plug-ins. Please check if you can download it:

(note: I have updated the link because I found additional information that I have included in the archive as Readme.TXT)

Hi Warner, no, I don't know why development seems to have come to a standstill. I worded it like that because programming in general requires focus and inspiration (among other things).

Yes, support for popular new formats like HEIC en WEBP (and new camera raw formats) would be great to have.

The combination of database, file manager and image editor (plus metadata editing, batch editing, slideshows, printing, catalogs, etc) is still rare... there are alternatives, but to my knowledge none that do all of these things.

Thanks for the kind words.

I still hope that one day, Phillip will find the focus and inspiration again to continue work on ThumbsPlus.

Yes, I share those sentiments.. ThumbsPlus has been my go-to software for 90% of my image editing and cataloging needs since 1995, and I've worked with their team (and many, many mutual customers) for 25+ years, when my now defunct little software company represented Cerious in the Netherlands and Belgium. I'll keep on monitoring and managing this forum though, in hopes -however faint- of a miraculous uprising.

General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-01-10 16:17:34 »
Sorry to hear it! I have no idea either. Maybe you can contact Cerious on Facebook ( Owner and chief developer Phillip Crews is on FB too.

General Discussion / Re: renaming all my source files
« on: 2023-11-04 17:06:07 »
since i wanted to simply rename the files but keep the galleries and assigned galleries intact as well as whatever keywords have been created, i thought i had to rename them in tp5. i thought if i renamed the files in windows things would get messed up.


well that didn't happen. i hilited all the files in the source folder, and while the option was there, i got an error message saying i could not rename

Is that all that it said? I guess that might happen if some of the files are read-only or otherwise write-protected.

General Discussion / Re: what the heck happened
« on: 2023-11-03 04:37:20 »
anyway i wanted to know where these 14files came from, and yes they are my files. they should not be there at the top of the image folder when i open tp5. it should be newest to oldest.

If the order is 'numeric' as I think you said earlier, then the filenames (not dates) would determine their order. If that's not the case, I can think of only three possible (but not very likely..) explanations:

1) Maybe the sort order is not set to the 'last modified' date (i.e. the time/date stamp of the files in the filesystem), but to a user field that gets its value from the 'original date/time' EXIF field stored inside the image files.

2) If a) the sort order setting of the thumbnail listing has the 'thumbnails last' option set, and b) thumbnails are created automatically as you browse folders, and c) those images were new to that folder.. then those files might show ahead of other thumbnails, but they should take their proper position when you refresh the listing (F5) or when you visit it a 2nd time.

3) If something went wrong with the creation of those thumbnails, they may also show ahead of other thumbnails. In rare cases this happens with corrupted files or files that TP isn't fully compatible with. That seems unlikely here because they were JPGs, but if the problem is persistent, you could try this with one of those JPG files: View the file in TP and press Ctrl+C to copy the image to the clipboard. Then exit the viewer and use the 'Thumbnail | Make from Clipboard' command to make a new thumbnail for it based on the image that now resides on the clipboard (this thumbnail should be 100% fine). Then press F5 to refresh the thumbnail listing and it should be shown at its proper position.

General Discussion / Re: what the heck happened
« on: 2023-11-02 21:22:11 »
Not sure what you mean by 'source folder'. I assume it's a regular folder on your harddrive.

Do you recognize the images as belonging to you? Have you (or anyone else in your household) been using other image browsing / viewing / editing software, or file management software, that may have put them there? Or that may have created temporary files there?

ThumbsPlus is just showing you what is (or has been) there. If the presence of the images bothers you, why don't you just delete them or move them somewhere else?

Maybe you can re-make the thumbnails in that folder to make sure that they represent the current situation. In that case, I would:

- Set ThumbsPlus to show files of ALL types (not just 'selected')
- Then I would select all thumbnails in that folder and press Shift+Del to delete them.
- Then press F5 to refresh the thumbnail listing.
- Then do 'Thumbnail | Scan Folder' (Shift+Alt+F3) to create new thumbnails for all files in the folder.

These instructions would work with the current version of ThumbsPlus, but your TP5 may use different shortcuts or menu items to accomplish these tasks.

General Discussion / Re: deleting orphaned FOLDERS
« on: 2023-10-26 12:45:50 »
"Indicate thumbnails

Checking this option causes ThumbsPlus to use differently colored folders to indicate "interesting" folders. Folders which contain thumbnails are colored green; folders which do not themselves have thumbnails, but whose sub-folders do, are colored blue. This option is useful only after drive(s) have been scanned for images."

See also the help item for Location Panel.

General Discussion / Re: deleting orphaned FOLDERS
« on: 2023-10-24 07:57:49 »
I can't reproduce this in TP10.. when I right-click on a greyed-out folder I still get the "Remove Orphans <Ctrl+Del>" option there.

A greyed-out folder no longer exists on the hard drive, but TP still has thumbnail records in its database for files that used to reside there. You must have "Options | Preferences | Thumbnails | Show Orphans" on to see them (recommended).

If a right-click on the folder doesn't bring up the required command, I think TP5 still offers 4 other ways of getting rid of orphans:

1) Use "Thumbnail | Remove | Orphans" from the menu (or its TP5 equivalent)

2) Turn on "Options | Preferences | Thumbnails | Auto Remove Orphans" (or its TP5 equivalent), then browse those folders and their orphaned records should disappear, along with the greyed-out folders themselves (a Ctrl+F5 refresh of the tree may be necessary).

3) Go to the top-level folder, and use the Remove Orphans command from there, specifying 'Current Tree' so that subfolders will be cleaned of orphans too. Note that this may also remove orphans from other subfolders that maybe you'd wanted to keep.

4) Delete them manually by selecting them and pressing Shift-Del.

I'd try again after rebooting the PC.
If that doesn't help, run TP with elevated rights (as admin). Re-enter your license details.
If that doesn't help either, reinstall, but run the installer with elevated rights.

Are there any relevant options in the properties of the ThumbsPlus shortcut on your desktop?

Are you using any monitor/desktop management software (that may have come with your videocard) ?

See Options | Viewing | Window.

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