Author Topic: View window status bar, location pane customizations  (Read 5103 times)

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Two new features I'd like to see added, in addition to having current bugs fixed:

1) The ability to rearrange the items in the view window status bar, once the bug with not saving any changes is fixed.  I don't mind if this has to be done in a dialog, with Move Up and Move Down buttons, if that would be easier to implement.

1a) The ability to choose whether to show some of the icons in the status bar.  Sometimes, when working in a smaller window, the icons would push the text out far enough that I can't see them.  Honestly, I don't need the icons to know what I'm looking at.

2) The ability to customize the icons shown in the Location pane.  It's frustrating that I can drag the icons off the Location pane.  That implies that they might be customizable, and yet they're not.  I find it most useful simply to have the path shown, without any buttons.  That would save some room in the UI.