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Custom XMP data
« on: 2013-11-28 14:13:48 »
I've been a long time TP user and just getting around to v9 in the hopes that there would be some more advanced support for custom XMP data.  I've used the User Fields within TP for years to save specific technical metadata about the photo subjects.  What I'm looking for is the ability to read/write those data fields into JPG file headers, much like the standard IPTC/XMP fields.  I regularly share files with others who use the same custom metadata and would like an easy way for the metadata to travel within the files, avoiding sidecar files or anything of the sort.  From my research, I believe that Custom XMP fields would provide for this functionality, but have only really found support within the Adobe suite of products for such.

Am I just overlooking the means to write custom user field to XMP fields within TP9?  

Am I off base with my understanding of the custom XMP functionality to allow for such?  

Is there any software that provides good DB support like TP that allows for custom XMP field creation/import/export?

TIA for any help or insight.