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Sidecar XMP files
« on: 2012-04-29 14:47:52 »
I really need to get data from sidecar XMP files into Thumbs Plus.  

Using Photo Mechanic, for some file formats, rating and IPTC info can go into the image file itself (JPEGs always, some RAW formats; though there are people who on principle don't want those files modified AT ALL); but for some formats (such as my Olympus EPL-2 RAW files), Photo Mechanic creates a sidecar file.

Then the rating information and the IPTC info doesn't get imported into Thumbs Plus.  And the keywords don't either.  

I really need an option for Thumbs Plus to be able to read data from sidecar XMP files.

(The other program I use with sidecar files is Bibble Pro.)