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mel314, I can't thank you enough; you solved a huge issue for me. I guess I'm an example of the old adage "If all else fails, read the instructions"

In a gallery there is a picture called Design 100.jpg. In viewing it, I decide to clone it to Design 100clone.jpg and to make some changes to the clone.

Now, Design 100clone.jpg resides in the folder that the original is in, but the clone is not in the gallery from which it was created, and getting it into the gallery is a tedious process:

1 - look at the image properties of Design 100
2 - note the folder that it resides in
3 - leave the gallery, go to the folder
4 - locate the file and its clone
5 - click on the clone and drag it to the gallery
6 - go back to the gallery
7 - locate the image that I last looked at.

It would be so much better if TP could take us from the gallery image to the original image in its folder simply by clicking a button.

It would also be nice if TP knew that the clone was created from a gallery and upon saving the cloned file asked us if we want to add it in the current gallery. That would really simplify matters.


General Discussion / Saving Gallery Order is so slow
« on: 2014-01-31 14:00:44 »
I have a master gallery of 8k+ images. When I want to copy an image from the gallery to another one by dragging it, TP goes into Saving Gallery Order mode, which takes about 2 minutes, which makes the process effectively unusable.

Is there any way to prevent TP from going into that Saving Gallery Order mode, and what is that anyway??


General Discussion / Matching colors on monitors
« on: 2014-01-09 18:54:13 »
Here is a challenge that may stump even Daan.

I attached my living room HDTV to my PC so that it mirrors the computer monitor; I like to play a slide show of art works on it.

The problem is that slides on the two monitors look completely different. Van Gogh would weep.

I don't want to alter the colors on the original PC monitor, so I've tried to alter the color controls on the HDTV but the results just don't match up.

My question is how do professionals match up the monitors? Is there a test image that can be used as a standard? I've seen suction-cup optics that attach directly to the screen but they are costly, especially since I will only use it once.

Any recommendations?


I want my slideshows to show constantly on a second LED screen in another room while I do my normal work on monitor 1. I attached monitor 2 to the PC with an HDMI cable and set Windows Display to recognize both.

I then went to T+ v8:  View - Slideshow - Slideshow Monitor and expected to select the new monitor but the selection is grayed out.

I clicked on Help and this came up: "This option works with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP only." Can this be true?? It seems to be seriously out of date.
My only recourse seems to be to copy T+ and the image files to a separate PC and run the slideshow from there, but that stinks.

Any ideas?


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Rotating images doesn't work
« on: 2013-08-10 19:31:41 »
I hada this problem with two photos that I loaded onto my PC from a cell phone. Freaked me out!

Here's my fix. I took an existing photo in Thumbs and resized it so that it was large enough to accept the delinquent image. I then simply pasted the delinquent image in and renamed the file to avoid overwriting the good original. Now I could rotate it without a problem.


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