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ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Editable cropping presets
« on: 2017-02-23 15:48:34 »
I may be odd, but I have some sizes that I frequently use for cropping photos. The preset list has some entries that are so small they'd be completely useless with modern high-pixel-count sensors, and nothing anywhere near my camera's native resolution that could be used to remove small distractions near the margins. It would be delightful if one could either edit or add to the presets ... or both?

I have emailed a bug report to Laura Shook (12 March 2015):


I tried addressing this bug through the forum, but I and another contributor, who seemed very knowledgeable about Thumbs Plus were unsuccessful.

The bug is that any customizations to the status bar in the Viewer application are not saved. You can see the history of our efforts to investigate [msg=4336]here[/msg]. Executive summary: customizations made through the check-box list that is opened by right-clicking in the status bar take effect for that instance of Viewer and subsequent images viewed through that instance. But if it is closed and reopened, or if a new instance is opened at the same time, the data elements displayed in the status bar of that instance revert to the default "all". I tried editing thumbs.vconfig, setting what I thought were the data elements I wanted to exclude to "0"s. The edits did stick; they were not reset by the program, but they had absolutely no effect on the Viewer status bar.

I can recall posting or reporting this bug before, quite some time ago, but it has not yet been addressed. V10?

Eric Ressner
TP v9 sp2, build 3946
on Win 7 sp1

I thought I had replied myself last night after trying Daan's suggestions, but my reply seems to have gone into a black hole (or I'm imagining I did it).

I had the same experience as Daan reports: I manually edited the thumbs9.vconfig file, but it had no effect on the status bar display. I went back and checked the file again after opening and closing TP and using Viewer to view an image, and my edits were preserved; the program did not overwrite them.

So, is it time to elevate this? Email to Laura Shook?


Most of the data elements displayed by default on the Viewer status line are of no interest to me, but the selection area is very important. However, since that item is last of all the elements, it's usually necessary to enlarge the Viewer window to see it. I want to removes several unnecessary data elements so the selection area information will always fall within the width of the window. I can remove them from a View, but the next time I open Viewer, they're all back. We need the customization to be preserved.

I posted about this problem some time ago and was assured it would be fixed with the next update. I have updated since then (I think), and the problem still exists. Will it be fixed in v10?

TP Pro v9sp2 build 3946
Win 7 sp1

ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Feature request
« on: 2014-02-07 11:01:46 »
I have a feature request as well: the ability to customize the "Trim to Exactly" dimensions list. It would be especially nice to be able to create new entries in the list that an individual user frequently requires. Less especially nice but still why-not would be to be able to remove never- or rarely-used dimensions so as to declutter the list.

Please ignore this report.

Further poking around revealed that I had somehow (inadvertently) also created an ODBC connector without, of course, configuring it. When I deleted that folder in the TP parent folder, my thumbnail view returned.

Embarrassed ... but back to being happy with my TP functionality.


Hi, Cerious. I guess I probably brought this on myself, but hoping you know what's up so I can fix it.

I tried using MS Access to add a batch of annotations to the TP database. I'm relatively proficient with Access, so I don't think my query did anything seriously wrong. It was an update query to the Thumbnail table driven by a custom table containing the filename and the desired annotation.

Now the thumbnail view window is completely blank for ALL folders in the tree, not just the single folder I added annotations to.

I tried a few things self-serve that I thought might help, but uh-uh:

1) delete all the added annotations
2) delete the rows in the Thumbnail table corresponding to that whole folder
3) use MS Access to compact and repair database
4) update TP to current version (I was two builds out of date)

I have about 13,000 rows in the Thumbnail table, so I'd like to avoid having to completely regenerate everything if possible. Any suggestions?

This is a duplicate of a thread started as
[Fixed 9sp1b2] SP1 - Still can't clean up Open With menus on 30 Oct 2013. There are fixes described in that thread. One worked for me: I had to open the tpdb8 (MS Access) and find the records in the UserSettings file that dealt with external programs. When I deleted the 11 records and reopened TP, the spurious external program entry was gone. If you have more than one external program set up, be careful: the external program records in the db table are keyed to *numbered* external programs, and I don't know what might happen if there is an external program 1 without an external program 0.

If you don't have MS Access, there may be some free viewers available online. Not sure if they will also allow record deletes.

TP developer Phillip posted that the bug had been fixed in TP9SP1beta1, but I have the current release installed, and his description doesn't match my experience.

Sorry I don't have a solution to this problem. I was about to post the same problem hoping for someone to help me. So Cerious, please consider this another vote to have this implemented if it isn't already doable.

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