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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / DPI vs PPI
« on: 2017-01-11 13:12:32 »
I need to submit photos digitally to a show and the requirement is that they be a minimum of 1920 pixtels on the long side. All I can find in Thumbsplus is DPI, so do I convert that to pixtels?? My typical image is 1200 high and that shows up beautifully even on a 60" LCD screen. Converting it to 1920 seems overkill.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Adding text to images
« on: 2016-02-29 11:58:04 »
Does TP have a way to add a text box to images? I'm mocking up a book by pasting images onto a black background (which is actually just another large jpg) and I need to see how text would look along side the images. If not, is there a way to import text from another app?



I followed your instructions. TP Help/System Info says my preferences are in C:\ProgramData\ThumbsPlus, but there is no C: \Programdata\ folder unless it's hiding. The closest-sounding folder is C:\Program Files(x86)\ThumbsPlus9\Data\ but it doesn't show anything that ends in .config.


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Missing folder statistics
« on: 2015-06-08 15:05:05 »
I installed TP on a new PC and this small thing is driving me crazy.

On my old PC, a line at the bottom of the screen showed the number of images in the folder and how many are selected (ex: "28 files, 4 selected"). The new PC is missing that line.

I have literally spent hours trying to find the answer, which I'm sure is simple but no amount of effort has worked.

OK, I give up. Please help this dumb person.


I found the cause of the problem. In Options Viewing Slideshow I had checked "Include Subfolders" but there were none. I unchecked the box and now it's OK. I recommend that if you want to watch a slideshow in random sequence which includes subfolders, that you use the Random checkbox in the slideshow options rather than a random sort of the root folder.



I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. The only fix I came up with is to copy the entire image to a clipboard and then paste it into an existing  blank (black) Jpg image that is larger than the Samsung original and then save that under another name. It's slow and annoying when there is a bunch of images to process.


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Hilarious new bug
« on: 2014-09-09 15:05:07 »
I loved TP and I intend to stick with it but sometimes it acts like a naughty teenager; this new bug is an example.

 I'm running TP9SP1 on Win7. After months of using it pretty normally, TP9 suddenly decided to play a prank on me. When doing a slideshow from a gallery everything is fine, but a slideshow from a folder will only show in Numeric Name order regardless of how the thumbnails are sorted. They sort properly on the screen but not in the slideshow. Am I crazy?? - I re-clicked both primary and secondary sort options to Random and other sort options. The thumbnails sorted themselves properly but still the slideshow refused to cooperate. Unbelievable - it had never done this before... WTF??

Now here's the kicker: the Galleries work fine - they sort themselves properly and display the slideshow accordingly, but if I go back to a folder, the problem persists. I rebooted the computer and started fresh and the bug still persists.

TP, you're grounded until you stop playing these pranks on me.


I spent many months (years, actually) converting thousands of silver negatives and chromes into digital files. TP allowed me to complete the project without losing my sanity because it works so intuitively despite the occasional bug.

Now I want to create a spare, minimal website that is an analog of an art book: minimalist black pages with just one photo per page and perhaps an occasional comment. No blogs or other fancy stuff.

Any suggestions on what to use? I've looked at Wordpress and Squarespace; they look ok but I don't know enough about web building to be able to evaluate them. What has for you? What do you recommend?


General Discussion / Daan van Rooijen - Off Topic
« on: 2014-07-18 13:43:48 »
This is off-topic but I want to express my condolences to Daan and the people of Holland for the terrible tragedy in Ukraine. So many victims in such a small nation means that the pain and anguish is being felt everywhere. My heart goes out to all of you.

I looked there. Lots of visual effects but no simple fade out - fade in.

I went to Microsoft help to see why their slideshow doesn't have it either. Microsoft says that advanced slideshow features are dependent on having a robust graphics capability. I went to Start, then typed in "Performance Information" in the search box and got an evaluation of my PC. MS runs a test of hardware to see how good it is for advanced graphics. But still, that sounds like a lot to need for simple fades.


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Slide show transitions
« on: 2014-07-03 15:00:46 »
I got an Amazon Fire TV. During idle times it plays a slideshow that is stunning - nature photos that fade in while the photo pans or zooms around, giving the feeling that it's a video playing when actually it's just a still photo.

I looked in TP for similar transitions but there was nothing similar, not even a fade-in fade-out. I know that the TP crew is more than capable of creating such transitions, so I wonder if the reason for not having them is that they require heavy-duty graphics capabilities that not every pc has.

Anybody have ideas about how to get fades into a TP slideshow?



You're right as usual. I use virtual drives whose drive letters change, but my shortcut is hard coded for a single drive letter.

I can't thank you personally for your great advice, so I will do the next best thing: for the next twelve months I will drink Dutch beer exclusively. Heineken, right?


I created four shortcuts  with properties that point to the desired databases, but then a logical disconnect kicked in. It has to do with the Options - Preferences - Startup - Initial Database, which cannot be left blank. One must either select "Last Opened" or "Specific database" and neither works with multiple shortcuts because after I exit TP, the next time that I start TP it will automatically load the last opened database, or the Specific Database will be the wrong one for the other shortcuts.

TP should understand that if there is a database specified in the shortcut then that should override the one specified in Preferences. I don't see any way around this conflict as long as TP requires a Startup Preference database.

Maybe it is possible to install TP four times on one PC, with each install not sharing anything with the others installs, so that each time TP is run it doesn't have visibility to the Preferences of the other installs?

I just want to say this to Daan:

You are so smart and so helpful. You have come to my rescue a number of times when I was at my wits end. Users like me are so lucky that you so generously share your time and knowledge with us.

I love Thumbs and I love people like you who make up the TP community. I just wish that I knew more so that I could contribute as well.


Hi all,

I use four different TP databases and I would like to have a unique TP shortcut for each one so that I can start TP and open the desired database with one click. Right now TP always opens a default database and I have to go through the steps to open the desired one. Any ideas?


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