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ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Editable cropping presets
« on: 2017-02-23 15:48:34 »
I may be odd, but I have some sizes that I frequently use for cropping photos. The preset list has some entries that are so small they'd be completely useless with modern high-pixel-count sensors, and nothing anywhere near my camera's native resolution that could be used to remove small distractions near the margins. It would be delightful if one could either edit or add to the presets ... or both?


Most of the data elements displayed by default on the Viewer status line are of no interest to me, but the selection area is very important. However, since that item is last of all the elements, it's usually necessary to enlarge the Viewer window to see it. I want to removes several unnecessary data elements so the selection area information will always fall within the width of the window. I can remove them from a View, but the next time I open Viewer, they're all back. We need the customization to be preserved.

I posted about this problem some time ago and was assured it would be fixed with the next update. I have updated since then (I think), and the problem still exists. Will it be fixed in v10?

TP Pro v9sp2 build 3946
Win 7 sp1

Hi, Cerious. I guess I probably brought this on myself, but hoping you know what's up so I can fix it.

I tried using MS Access to add a batch of annotations to the TP database. I'm relatively proficient with Access, so I don't think my query did anything seriously wrong. It was an update query to the Thumbnail table driven by a custom table containing the filename and the desired annotation.

Now the thumbnail view window is completely blank for ALL folders in the tree, not just the single folder I added annotations to.

I tried a few things self-serve that I thought might help, but uh-uh:

1) delete all the added annotations
2) delete the rows in the Thumbnail table corresponding to that whole folder
3) use MS Access to compact and repair database
4) update TP to current version (I was two builds out of date)

I have about 13,000 rows in the Thumbnail table, so I'd like to avoid having to completely regenerate everything if possible. Any suggestions?

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