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Announcements / New forums!
« on: 2018-11-08 13:58:27 »
Welcome to the new forums!

I have migrated all users who made more than one post to the new forums. Users of the old forums will need to request a new password in order to login, using either your old login name or email address. New users simply register. You do have to provide a valid email address and confirm your registration by replying.

I have migrated most of the relevant and relatively recent messages from the old forums.

There are several themes available. Visit your Profile to try out different themes and let us know any suggestions.

The loss of messages in the forums is completely my fault. I was trying to update things up by adding a ThumbsPlus 9 category and combining some other categories and accidentally deleted, rather than combined, the last category I was merging.

Unfortunately, the cron job for backup hasn't been running since I upgraded Fedora, and the last database backup is from January. I also have a complete virtual machine backup, but I'm not sure of its date because the RAID 10 array it is on is down (waiting on replacement power supply). Once I get it back up, I will try to restore any messages I can.

I apologize for my fat fingers and failure to have a recent backup. There's really no excuse besides the failure of my attention to the forum virtual machine.

Applies to
ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 Build 3535

In my fixes to better support the Windows Icon file type, I broadened the files which are recognized as .ICO. This is often preventing the opening of files with no extension or non-standard extensions.

This will be fixed in a future patch or update. In the meantime, be sure to save files with proper extensions.

More Information
Unlike Explorer, ThumbsPlus never hides the extension, as it is an integral part of the name on Windows. This will also make them more compatible with other programs, which usually won't load them with improper extensions anyway.

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