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ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / V9 equivalent to IPTC editor
« on: 2013-12-04 19:40:34 »
I tried to find this info, but didn't see anything that was unequivocally clear.  In ThumbsPlus 7, I use the IPTC editor a lot to store keywords and caption directly in the photos. The IPTC caption, in particular, is very useful, because once it's set, Facebook and Google+ will pick it up and show it when sharing photos.

Is there a way to do the same thing in V9?  Can I select a bunch of photos and set the IPTC keyword and/or caption for all of them at the same time?  This was one (among many) reasons that I was highly dissatisfied with V8 when it came out: the lack of IPTC editing.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / 64 bit
« on: 2012-03-05 14:39:43 »
Yes, it does.  There are probably some things that won't work correctly, but I've been using v7 with Windows 7 64-bit with no problems so far.

Thanks for the reply.  Being a software developer myself, I DO understand how complex it can be to rewrite something from scratch while adding new features.  But having at least some kind of rough estimate for the next update would let me better decide whether I should go back to TP7 for now, or stick it out with TP8.

Technically, there was nothing in TP8 that I absolutely need.  I mostly upgraded because it was supposed to be faster, and because I wanted to support Cerious, after using and liking TP7 for years.  So reverting to TP7 for a while won't kill me.  But I'm also not going to be able to convince any of my friends to try it if I'm personally not using it, either.

Anyway, mostly I'm just hoping we can get at least a rough idea of when another update will be out, and maybe some general ideas of what's being targeted for fixing.

I'm pretty curious myself about when the next update will be out, with the really important fixes.  Having said that, I do realize "important" is going to be different for everyone.  But I'm still waffling on whether I want to uninstall TP8 and go back to V7, and a friend who loves ThumbsPlus has already decided he won't upgrade given the current problems.

ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Info panel suggestions
« on: 2011-06-20 18:05:16 »
Improvements are good :)  Whether multi-column support is added, I just want to suggest that Philip think about adding better support for a wide display.  So many laptops and screens are widescreen now that it's often easier to make UI elements wide instead of tall, to really take advantage of screen space, so I hope some kind of widescreen-friendly improvements can be added.

Right, I know there's no lost functionality.  I was just posting to make sure this is intentional and not, in fact, a bug.  Since it sounds like it's basically intentional, that pretty much answers my question.  Thanks.

ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Info panel suggestions
« on: 2011-06-17 14:37:38 »
The new Info panel in V8 is fairly nice, in that it's more flexible than the old V7 version.  However, I do find some problems with it.

1. It's designed to be vertical.  If I make the Info panel very wide, it doesn't take advantage of the extra horizontal space at all.

2. It uses more space than is strictly necessary.  It's nice that you can expand and collapse whole categories of info like Metadata and User fields, but these things become indented and take extra room.  If I want the regular info (e.g. File name, File size) and some camera EXIF info, I end up devoting 3 rows of space just to show "Info", and then "Metadata" and "Camera" under that.  In addition, the actual data shown is indented.  The regular Info is indented by 1 "space", and EXIF data is indented by 2 "spaces".

I can think of 2 ways to handle this.  One is to make the Info panel smarter, so it can show multiple columns of info when it's wide enough.  The other way is to split the Info panel up into a "regular" Info panel, a Metadata Info panel, and a User Fields panel.  This would (sort of) let me put the info across the bottom of the V8 main window, in a horizontal configuration.

After the last viewer window issue I reported, I suppose this one might have the same root cause, too, but I have no way of knowing if that's true.

The problem is, if you open a very small image on Win7, the viewer window can be small enough that the Minimize button on the caption bar will overlap the window icon in the upper left corner.  When this happens, the icon is painted on top of the minimize button.  I'm not sure if that's actually how the system paints it, or if it's a bug in the software used by ThumbsPlus to handle viewer windows.  Either way, this should be relatively easy to fix, by making sure the viewer window never gets smaller than the sum of the following:

1. Window icon size (usually 16 pixels)
2. Caption bar button widths (can be queried from OS)
3. Window padding (queried from OS)
4. Any other miscellaneous widths like window border.

Or alternatively, ensure the window's client size is never narrower than the sum of #1 and #2.

I find the current options for "Monitor for view windows" to be counter-intuitive.  In addition to the choices of "All", "Same" and 1 to N, I think an option that would really help would be something like "current".  I'm not sure what the best name should be, but it would work this way:

1) When opening a view window from the ThumbsPlus main window, open it on the monitor that contains the mouse cursor.

2) When resizing a view window, keep the view window on the monitor that it's already on.  If the view window spans more than 1 monitor, then either figure out which monitor holds a larger part of the view window and use that, or use any/all monitors that intersect the view window.

The problem I'm running into is mainly with case #2.  I open a view window and move it to either monitor 2 or monitor 3.  Then I resize it by pressing Z.  If I have my monitor option set to All, the view window doesn't get constrained within the current display.  If I have to set to "Same", then the view window keeps moving back to the monitor with the ThumbsPlus main window.  What I would like is to have the view window stay on the monitor I put it in.

Two new features I'd like to see added, in addition to having current bugs fixed:

1) The ability to rearrange the items in the view window status bar, once the bug with not saving any changes is fixed.  I don't mind if this has to be done in a dialog, with Move Up and Move Down buttons, if that would be easier to implement.

1a) The ability to choose whether to show some of the icons in the status bar.  Sometimes, when working in a smaller window, the icons would push the text out far enough that I can't see them.  Honestly, I don't need the icons to know what I'm looking at.

2) The ability to customize the icons shown in the Location pane.  It's frustrating that I can drag the icons off the Location pane.  That implies that they might be customizable, and yet they're not.  I find it most useful simply to have the path shown, without any buttons.  That would save some room in the UI.

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