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As the original poster for this this thread I appreciate your help, and let you know what I have done.
As mentioned I went back to a v7 database and was able to achieve what I wanted to do, a bit of a pain, but it all worked out OK for pictures going right back to when I first starting using Thumbs+.
As I use v8 I converted them to this version and all is good.
For the last couple of years I have been using Lightroom to process my RAW pictures, they are converted to DNG files and in doing so I write all the IPTC data into them at this point and then when I open them up in Thumbs v8 all the data is there, so even if I say change the comments in either one it reflects in the other which is good.
I will go to v9 as I brought a lifetime licence many years ago and as long as it works the same I will be happy.


General Discussion / Run time version
« on: 2012-07-16 01:29:38 »
Just wondering if there is or will be a run time version, reason being that I have archived all my pictures onto a HDD which will be unplugged when filled and stored away and with it I will included the associated thumbs databases , so future generations will have access to my pictures without the full version of thumbs+.
I have all spent lots of time with v7 writing the database annotations back into the IPTC data so there is still away to see my notes/comments on each photo in case there is no such thing.
Just a thought

Think I have got passed this, found a backup of a td4 database which I made before going to v8, so working with this I am get what I wanted to do

Exported db as a text file and when attempting to import into v7 I get a "Format file error", so no go here !!

Thanks looks like I will have a bit of playing coming up ..

Thanks but v7 has long gone was replaced by v8, I wonder if this option could be included in v9.
If I reinstalled v7 and used a new database maybe I could work it this way ????

In a my time using thumbs+ I have used the annotation field to record details of each photo, but I would like to take what is written there, seeing its only part of the thumbs database and write it into the IPTC metadata comments field ??, can this be done in ver 9 (I have downloaded the beta) or do I need someother way like a script.
I can do this manually using irfanview but it takes lots of time.

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