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In contrast to the remarks in the release notes the height of the metadata toolbar is now (4007) greater than the height of the toolbars of the other panes. Please align them again or - even better - make the metadata toolbar hideable.

The selected items in the status line of the view window are not saved and reset to the defaults every time the view window is closed.

tp3937 stops responding after standby showing the following error message. The message is repeated endlessly so it is necessary to use task manager to close tp. This behaviour is reproducible. I'm using sqlite database type.

Also on build 3935 most folder operations fail. For example folders cannot be moved, renamed, deleted because they are locked erroneously by tp itself. Additionally, folders are not correctly updated after move operations. The moved file is reported as still in place, again erroneously.

Once again a new version restores old problems. Build 3934 reintroduces extremly slow flicking from one image to another in window mode because frames and scrollbars are redrawn several times. This occurs when viewing options are set to Automatic; no streching; position upper left.

Build 3934 is called 9.1 - not beta! It's a tragedy that there is not a single version of tp that is useable and competitive since version 7. Disappointment and wasted time for installing and testing every new version.

Mr. Crews should finally understand that it is impossible for a single person to handle such a big project.

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