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I often use an external File Rename program in order to batch replace parts of filenames, but this is problematic if TP is not running; annotation and keywords can be lost.

TP has the option in Preferences to watch external folder/file changes to prevent that loss, but that only works if TP is running. TP either needs a more robust filenamer of its own, or a persistent module that's loaded at system startup to watch for external file/folder changes all the time, even if TP itself is not running.

Fonts in the system Font folder display according to their filename rather than their internal name and are sorted accordingly. If I view fonts stored elsewhere, they display by their internal name and are sorted more logically. Sorting by filename has its uses, but the font's internal name is more useful when searching for a named font, which is the way other programs display them. To view all of my fonts sorted by font name, I have to copy them all to another folder.

Am I overlooking something, or can you give us more control over how fonts are labeled--by filename or internal name?

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