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mostly i start thumbs10 to the default database.  i would like to create a shortcut that opens another database, and switches drives.  I can create one that starts the correct database, but cannot figure the syntax to also change drives and specify the starting folder.
thanks in advance,

I have issues with both ThumbsPlus 7 and 10.  Whenever I navigate to the desktop, it takes 6-10 seconds to build the file list.  There are only about 6 files on the desktop, and about 10 folders.

I can navigate to other folders with 14,000+ files in them, and more than 100 subfolders, all with 30 to 150 files almost instantly.  It's only the desktop that is slow, and only in Thumbs.  Explorer is instantaneous.

What is it about the Desktop?

system specs:
i7 6700k
32 GB DDR4
EVGA GeForce 1070
Crucial M2 1GB SSD, HGST 4GB 7200rpm HD
Windows 7 Pro, fully patched

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