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Laura Shook:
While ThumbsPlus does support over 100 different file types, there are some that can't be internally supported due to availability of libraries, how difficult the libraries are to understand and work with, and a few because they are proprietary - which means that we have no way to offer support.

However, there are options included in ThumbsPlus v10 that allow for the creation of thumbnails even if the format isn't internally supported. After the list below I have included more information.

The most common formats that I am currently asked about are:

webp - Support for .webp will be included in ThumbsPlus v11

heic/heif - Support for .heic and .heif will be included in ThumbsPlus v11

svg - While we plan to add support for .svg files,, this support will not make it into the initial v11 release, but in a maintenance build sometime after

cdr - Old .cdr files that contained a thumbnail preview are supported. The newer .cdr files are not written in the same manner and are not internally supported

cr3 - This is a new Canon raw file type that will be supported as soon as the libraries we use for the Digital Camera Plug-in are updated.

.mts and other movies with extensions other than .mov, avi and .mpg - You can add any movies with other extensions. Please see FAQ:

Other options for file types not internally supported:

1. If Windows Explorer shows thumbnails for a file format that is not internally supported by ThumbsPlus, if you set up the file type configuration for that type and use NONE for the file loading option, ThumbsPlus will pick up the thumbnail from Windows itself.

2. The ThumbsPlus "Make from Clipboard"  feature with .heic and .heif as the example can be found in this FAQ:

This process can be used for any unsupported file types but if you have questions about a certain format or about any of the information in these FAQ's, please e-mail


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