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Thanks Bernard! It's interesting that no conversion is required for the taken_time_iso field!

Many Thanks!
I finally managed searching files using following syntax:
( tn.[taken_time_iso] >  '2022-05-07 00:00:00') AND ( tn.[taken_time_iso] <  '2022-05-08 00:00:00')

Most dates and times in the database are stored in unix format, i.e. seconds that have passed since jan 1, 1970. You can use the Udate command to convert them into the less cryptic ISO format that Windows uses. This is a sample query that queries the regular file date:

    tn.file_time = ^udate(yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss)

For a range of times/dates, you'd combine two expressions using the AND operator, like this:

    (tn.file_time >= ^udate(2022-02-10))
    AND (tn.file_time < ^udate(2022-02-11))

Hopefully these examples will also work when you use the  tn.[taken_time_iso] field instead.
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / How to query files based on the Date Taken
« Last post by Bernie on 2022-06-04 05:05:02 »

Searching (quering) feature is great.

Let consider I see following in My Metadata pane
Info > Date Taken : display 31/05/2022 13:59:50.825

How could I search all files from that same 'Date Taken' date : 31/05/2022 ?

I did try various combinaison like:
 tn.[taken_time_iso] like '2022:%:% %:%:%'
 tn.[taken_time_iso] = '31/05/2022 13:59:50.825'
in query Advanced pane but none give me results!

Thanks in advance
I did exactly what you said, but the resulting database was somehow corrupted.

I'm very sorry to hear that - and surprised! Did you see any error messages? The Compact & Repair function that ThumbsPlus uses is actually part of the Windows operating system, and one of its main purposes is to prevent corruption, not cause it. I hope you've been able to restore a backup.
I did exactly what you said, but the resulting database was somehow corrupted.
Thank you very much.
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Renewal of TP database from Access to SQLite
« Last post by runner on 2022-05-25 10:01:19 »
I have been using TP for image management for many years. During this time I have changed the computer and directories several times. I have looked at the tables with MDBPlus and found that there are many incorrect and nonsensical entries.

I would now like to convert the existing Access databases into Sqlite databases. I hope to have a better management of the data.

Does anyone have a tip on how I could do this most easily? The database structure is clear to me, but I want to do as little work as possible.

I am using TP10

Thanks and Greetings

When you delete information from a database, the database file itself does not shrink because the information is not physically removed from the database. It is only flagged internally as deleted. This is because database files can get very large, and re-writing them everytime that a record is deleted would make them too slow.

So, to physically cleanse the database file of deleted records, you use a special function that you find in the menu as Database | Compact & Repair.

Before you use this function, you may want to do two other things first:

1) Remove thumbnails that you no longer need. You can do so by in several ways. For instance, you can select them and press Shift-Del. Or you can right-click on a folder name (in the tree) and use Remove from Tree, to remove all thumbnails pertaining to that folder and its subfolders (be very careful that you do not accidentily use just Del or Delete Folder because that would delete the actual image files from your harddrive!)

2) Remove 'orphaned' thumbnails. A thumbnail record is orphaned when the file that it describes no longer exists. To remove orphans, use Thumbnail | Remove | Orphans from the menu.

When you have done these things, you can use the Compact & Repair function that I mentioned earlier to re-gain a lot of space.

If a ThumbsPlus 10 database has reached its maximum size, we cannot use it again. We cannot search for new words again. Can we reduce the size of it so that we can use it again? It does not search for new word again, because it cannot construct new thumbnails due to the maximum size.
Thank you.
I'm just curious if anyone else has tried contacting them, and whether there was any response.
That's strange about the bug system response. Maybe you should just try again? I haven't talked to them recently either, but I'm also not seeing any complaints from people who have problems getting support or a key. Anyway, if you need HEIC support now, I'm not sure if you should keep waiting, seeing how long we already have been waiting.
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