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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Version 10 Layout Save
« on: 2016-07-14 00:04:07 »
Hi there

Does anyone know if there is a way to save layout in Version 10. There was an option in the previous versions.

I work with lists and not thumbnails. I need to resize columns every single time I start ThumsPlus. Not a major issue, but still annoying.

Thanks in advance

Then I'm not sure. It works for me as per below.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Stop wasting my time!!!
« on: 2015-07-13 23:14:27 »
Hi Pete

This works in version 10.

Try this:
Don't go to options and preference window. For some reason it does not work (for me anyway). I have changed it in the bar displayed on top of the thumbnails. 1st Column = Name, 2nd Column = None, gives me old classic sorting like TP7. If I change the 1st Column to Numeric Name, it gives me the modern number order.

Hope this works for you.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Stop wasting my time!!!
« on: 2015-07-12 23:30:22 »
It's working for me. If I sort by name, I get the exact way TB7 and windows explorer (2000) sorted prior to Intuitive Sorting. If I sort by Numeric Name, I get Intuitive Sorting. Keep in mind, I turned off Intuitive Sorting for Windows.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Stop wasting my time!!!
« on: 2015-07-10 18:07:06 »
Laura, thank you so much for getting involved and fixing the sorting bug. It is much appreciated. I have been using Version 10 since the day of release. Besides 1 or 2 minor issues, I had no problems with the functions I use in ThumbsPlus. I'm so pleased that I can now use the latest version. Working with a lot of files, proper sorting is extremely important.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Stop wasting my time!!!
« on: 2015-05-28 01:34:32 »
I am so tired of this sorting issue. Every time, the release notes indicate that it has been fixed - rubbish! And then I uninstall version 9 and have to re-install version 7 all over again.
I have installed all the ways possible, tried sorting by name, tried sorting by none, etc. Nothing I try sorts it in normal alphabetical order like version 7.
How difficult can it be? My support requests get ignored when I ask if I have done something wrong or missed something?
Cerious Software is spiraling downwards. No support, bugs are not sorted out, etc.
With all this wasting of my time, I am now considering moving away from ThumbsPlus as it is time consuming the installs, uninstalls, etc, when the release notes are incorrect or testing has not been done.
I know it is a beta version but at least have the decency to respond to support requests.
I've had it!!!!!!!!!!!!

" THanks for your reply! I still hope that at some stage TP can get back to where they were."

Wishful thinking. The same issues are reported over and over in these forums. Honestly, I don't even think ThumbsPlus Staff is reading it.

Pete, I agree with you fully. Even in Windows 8 Version 7.2 sorts correctly and almost all the other programs I use sort 100% alphabetically. There is even a way to turn off intuitive sorting in Windows for those wanting to know. I am using the solution in Windows 8.1 and even File Explorer sorts alphabetically.
Unfortunately this has no effect on ThumbsPlus 9 as they hard coded it - almost if they don't want users to have a choice.

Thank you for your time in responding. Unfortunately your solution is not the answer for me or other users. I have been using ThumbsPlus for almost 16 years and have a lot of experience. The sorting worked 100% in version 7.2. and I just don't understand why it was changed. All the other software packages I downloaded work 100% like ThumbsPlus 7.2 did. Unfortunately they don't have the one feature I use most and that is to call an external program from within so I can't use them. I am using version 7.2 together with Xyplorer at the moment until I find another solution.  I have tried your solution before, but with hundreds of thousands of files, it is not a working solution. Filtering large sub-sets is not solving the problems as they are then also not sorted correctly.  I will definitely not recommend any version of ThumbsPlus to anyone other than version 7.2


As you can see in version 7.2 photo-011 is sorted after photo-01 and photo-032 after photo-03 - the correct way. In version 9 photo-011 is sorted after photo-03 and photo-032 after photo-11 which is incorrect. Since when is the number 032 higher than 11?
Now work with this sorting when you have thousands of images and sets to deal with.

Hi Gary

Thank you for taking time with this post. It is much appreciated. Your assistance helped me in many ways to get rid of major frustrations I had with ThumbsPlus.

Wow Gary thanks for the tip on Xyplorer. Works like a charm. If I only can get the selected file to jump to the top, I can stop using ThumbsPlus all together. I work with a lot of sub-sets images. The idea is to view them together. If I press C for images starting with C it would be nice if that image is then displayed at the top with c1, c2,c3 etc. under it and not in the next window. I know I am asking for a lot, but working with loads of images daily, it is just easier if I don't have have to scroll down.  What I mean is, when I press C in Xyplorer it jumps to the correct image but it is displayed sort of at the end of the window and I need to scroll to see the rest of the sub set. If the selected image shows at the top then the following images will show under it in the same windows. Do you know if there is a setting to do this?

Your help and responsiveness is much appreciated.

I finally received an answer to my support ticket about the sorting and guess what? I was told that it is the sorting method users requested. I can not believe this is true as the sorting in the latest Version 9 makes no sense at all if you work with  larges volume of images and sub-sets as they are not sorted together to compare, etc. There are even forum users agreeing with me. So now what? Version 7.2 is the only version that makes any sense at the moment, but I have security issues in Windows 8.1 when trying to do some editing using external programs within ThumbsPlus. When I run it as admin, it works, but then when I try to open an image outside of ThumbsPlus it keeps opening another instance of ThumbsPlus. ThumbsPlus is driving me insane at this point in time where it has been my favorite piece of software for years. I am not unjustly negative people, I am just trying to manage and edit media files.

Not much to say. Looks like the technical division and support division pays no attention to support tickets and forum posts. One would think that a fundamental issue as per my previous post would be the first issue to be addresses in a new release.
See previous post:

Let me first say that I have been using ThumbsPlus for over 16 years and think it has been one of the best image (media) management software solutions available.

Laura and the team are doing a great job so it is with a certain degree of sadness that I write this post and even though I will have to consider another image management solution, I wish the Cerious Software team only the best moving forward.

The biggest problem with the latest versions of ThumbsPlus is the sorting of Thumbnails which is not in a natural sort order. File names that include numbers are not sorted together in sequence at all and makes it very difficult to manage a large selection of images. ThumbsPlus 9 is using Intuitive or Numerical sorting rather than literal number sorting. This is a major headache and unless a person is a programmer, there is no need for this. ThumbsPlus uses an intelligent mechanism for file names sorting and show the file names having numbers in increasing number values. On the other hand, the proper way for any media management software solution is to sort file names by each number in file names.

After several support requests and even a previous posting in the forum about the issue with no response at all, I am somewhat disappointed as this is really a major problem. In my opinion version 7.2 was the best version of ThumbsPlus using the correct file sorting methodology. Unfortunately with all the security in Windows 8 other problems are encountered running 7.2 i.e. "access denied issues' when using external programs from within ThumbsPlus and other "permission denied issues" thus making both versions now basically impossible to us.

So, it will be the sad end to a very long and satisfying relationship between ThumbsPlus and myself unless the file sorting problem is addressed very soon.  Even if I personally won't be able to use ThumbsPlus any longer I will still recommend it to people just wanting to use it for basic media management and do not manage a large number of files with numeric digits in the file names. Unfortunately when there is a need to compare files in a series with numeric file names to make final selections of which files to use and which files to erase, ThumbsPlus is not a viable solution in my opinion.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Number sorting Order
« on: 2014-05-01 08:57:23 »
Thanks Pete

Very frustrating as I work with a lot of images with numbers and then have to select the best shots and delete duplicates. As they are not sorted together it makes it very difficult. I have submitted many support tickets over the past couple of months but still unanswered.

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