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Yes, ThumbsPlus v11 is coming....
« on: 2020-08-14 16:12:43 » thanks all of your for your patience and continued support.

As a very small shop we have been negatively affected by Covid - 19 and all it entails. We have been working from home since mid March and the current plan is to continue to do so. There are distractions and difficulties that this causes which have played a part in slowing down the release of the first public BETA.

However, ThumbsPlus v11 is getting closer!!  I have been anxiously waiting for a new build so that I could announce some of the new features and illustrate some of them.

A few of the new ThumbsPlus v11 features are listed below and I have attached several preview images. (I was hoping to add a few more today but they need to be edited a bit, so I will post more images on Monday or Tuesday.)

ThumbsPlus v11 is a 64-bit program. This allows for support of HUGE file sizes as well as fixing an issue some have had with hundreds of thousands of sub folders with v10. ThumbsPlus v11 will also run spectacularly on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. (It is currently also working beautifully with Vista but we aren't certain how long that will be the case.)

New formats supported:

Thumbnail, view and convert to .webp files
Thumbnail and view .heic/.heif files

New Features:

GPS options
Date/Time Find options
Database - Import From
New ThumbsPlus Movie Player
Larger database thumbnail size options


There are new "Skins" that can be used to alter the interface
There will be many preset batch processes, finds and metadata batches

Thanks again ThumbsPlus users!

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