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I have read what follows at URL (see text in italic):

ThumbsPlus 9 Build 3928

Important: Build 3928 works around the Windows design clusterf*** that caused runtimer error R6034 (sometimes reported, sometimes causing ThumbsPlus to hang on startup).

Being a native French speaker, may I suggest that you avoid using slang. Moreover, French native speakers are not necessarily able to replace the 3 stars with the intended letters.

Using correct English would be a plus too, even though not absolutely necessary. I just want to signal that the verb 'to work around' seems not to exist, at least according to the 'Merriam Webster Unabridged' dictionary and according to the 'Collins Robert Unabridged French - English' dictionary. On the other hand, the word 'work-around' does exist, at least according to these dictionaries.

This would help us save our time.


Thanks for this crystal-clear explanation.

Thank you for replying.

I have already done (I did that yesterday) the search for 'Python' through the help file and also had a look to the ThumbsPlus\Python folder. In particular, I reviewed the scripts in the help and those that are in ThumbsPlus\Python\Lib\Thumb\ and have more or less understood (well, I think) their main principle of operation.

The point is that I would like to use Python separately from T+8, for other purposes than doing T+8-oriented scripting.

It's no problem for me to learn Python by myself and experiment it (in fact, I already learned a bit Python 2 years ago). Moreover, I have access to plenty of useful and educational literature about it.

FYI, I am a user who has an advanced level of knowledge about software programming (to illustrate, I practiced C, Fortran, Pascal, Java, SQL and a number of DBMS's, VMS and QNIX system programming and am familiar with scripting, which is a must for software developers) even if it's now almost ten years (I started my career in 1981 as a software developer - on RSX11M first, then on VMS, then on QNIX, then on ...) that I no longer do programming.

I have the feeling I haven't been clear enough with my question.

In fact, I would just like to know if installing Python (it's version 2.7.2 - which I would download from - that I would like to install) on my Windows 7 PC is compatible with ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 build 3537?

I wonder that, because, according to the W7 control panel, Python is not installed on my PC, but T+8 is installed on my PC and T+8 uses Python.


I have installed ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 build 3537 on my PC (it runs Windows 7 64-bits).

Even though ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 build 3537 uses Python as its internal scripting language, it appears that, according to Windows 7 Control Panel, Python is not installed on my PC.

I find that very surprising.

I would however like to use Python independently from ThumpsPlus 8.

How should I proceed?

Do I have to install Python (it's version 2.7.2 that interests me) on my PC?

But is doing that compatible with ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 build 3537?


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