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I have been using TP for image management for many years. During this time I have changed the computer and directories several times. I have looked at the tables with MDBPlus and found that there are many incorrect and nonsensical entries.

I would now like to convert the existing Access databases into Sqlite databases. I hope to have a better management of the data.

Does anyone have a tip on how I could do this most easily? The database structure is clear to me, but I want to do as little work as possible.

I am using TP10

Thanks and Greetings

Unfortunately I don't have an old backup of the database from my old PC. I think that I can not solve my problem and maybe I have to bite the bullet and rebuild the database from scratch.

I would like to thank you very much for your support! :) :)

Rainer Kuntz, Germany

More attachments  :)

I have carried out all your suggestions. Unfortunately, there were no changes in the display or new findings.

I did 2 more different tests. The result shows

Test version 1
Test 1.1: I have inserted a new keyword over the network directory into the image "..0901.jpg".
Test 1.2: Then I looked at the result in directory L (volume path). The new keyword is not displayed.

Test version 2 (Now in reverse order)
Test 2.1: I inserted a new keyword in the image "..0900.jpg" in the L directory.
Test 2.2: Then I looked at the result in network directory. The new keyword is not displayed.


I have also changed the host assignment of the table "host" in the TP database, i.e. I have entered the PC name of the old PC in the table. This measure also showed no change.

I am faced with a riddle. My guess is that some setting in the database (query) is not working as it should. I could of course reinstall TP completely and create a new database in the process. But that would mean that all keywords and image mappings would be lost.

Next attachments: The file trees

Well, as I suggested earlier:

"When one or more files have been found, open one in the viewer/editor and do File | Go to folder. This should take you to the folder where the file with the keyword was found and now you can check if the other files there have their keywords, too."

So, what folder does it take you to?

Afters searching by a keyword I switch to the "Fount Files" folder and open a picture in the view mode. Afterwards I use the line File|Go to Folder. That brings me back to the origin Folder every time.

The volume information looks good. But it's strange that your old thumbnails can also be found under Offline Network, because that would indicate that the NAS is currently down... Or that your old thumbnails are no longer recognized as being from the NAS, but again, the volume information seems to match OK.

In case the NAS is down I get a message on start up that TP cannot find the database. If the NAS has started TP works well so far. During the session: If there is no access for 30 minutes, the connection is closed. With the next access, the NAS starts up again immediately.

Earlier, I also asked: "Before proceeding, could you go to Options | Preferences | Thumbnails and turn 'make thumbnails automatically' off, if it isn't already off?"

So, was 'make thumbnails automatically' on or off?

The  'make thumbnails automatically' is OFF!

Attached some screens of preferences and the file trees with the general arrangement of my images

So far I have accessed the image directory via the UNC path. TP also offers an "Offline Network/home on Lanstorage" directory which also contains my pictures directory. By chance I found this directory for the first time, where all directories of my NAS ("Lanstorage" is the name of my NAS) are stored. So also the pictures.

When I was browsing through the images, the keywords were displayed at the thumps!

I must say that this is all a bit confusing. I would like to know why once the keywords are displayed here and on my former old PC in the normal directory path?

It would be nice if the developer could contribute something to clarify....

Yes -- with images that are on a network, ThumbsPlus does use the server name as one of the properties to match the image files with the corresponding thumbnail records in the database.  However, my understanding is that this would be the name of the NAS, not that of the PC.

You could go to Options | Preferences | Tab:Thumbnails and see the section 'Volume matching strategy' (lower right). When you turn 'Match Network Drives Using Share Names' off, ThumbsPlus should use the volume label of the drive instead. Maybe that will solve the problem.

I have tried the tip. Unfortunately without success. Therefore I have set the UNC path again.

With MDB Viewer Plus you should be able to edit the fields that you see.

If the above doesn't help..:

So, did you go to their folder? What is the name of the volume that the images are stored on, according to ThumbsPlus? Is it shown in grey letters, to indicate that the volume is no longer present? When you right-click on that volume and choose 'Volume Properties', it will show a comparison of its physical location and its database records. Something here may explain why the database records no longer match the physical volume.

Attached please find a view of the current volume setup. The properties are as shown.

I have also tested the search function. The keywords entered were recognized. In the directory "Found Files" the found images with keywords were displayed.

I am at a loss as to how to proceed. It seems to me that I get no improvement with this image management software. It's a shame after working with it for so many years.

Many thanks for the help so far  :)

Are you positively using the same database as before and are you consistently accessing your images through the same path (in the tree panel) as before?

Yes! I didn't chance anything, the paths as well the tree are as before

Did you, from outside of ThumbsPlus, change the name of the NAS server, a drive volume name on it or the name of a folder on it?

No the NAS, the access to the path are as before also. the same at volume and folder names.

Did you store your keywords only in the database or also inside the image files (IPTC header of JPG/PNG/TIF) ?
I entered all keywords into the database via ThumpsPlus interface. I have checked the database via the MDBPlus tool (viewer) so I could see the database table of the keywords. The Keywords are all in!

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Keywords doesn't get displayed
« on: 2021-01-01 12:23:39 »
I installed a new PC. I have reinstalled my ThumpsPlus Pro 10 license on it. When I open ThumpsPlus Pro 10, the Thumpnails are displayed with the appropriate defaults. What does not work is the display of the keywords although I have marked the display accordingly in the setup. If I enter new keywords they are displayed. The old keywords are not displayed. What do i wrong?

My photos are stored on a NAS. OS is windows10 pro 64

Can someone help me please?

ThumbsPlus Beta Discussion / Re: Update News?
« on: 2020-12-07 04:51:06 »
Is it not possible to get a status if a new version is pending or if the further development of Thumps Plus is not taking place. Then you could prepare yourself for it even as a long-time user. It seems to me that no new version will follow. Or am I wrong?

Best regards Rainer

General Discussion / What's new about TP11
« on: 2020-05-21 05:02:01 »
It has been some time since an upgrade to TP11 was announced.

But there are no further statements on the website if and when a new version is expected! Has the new version been put on hold or will it not be developed further?

I am a long time user on TP and now I am faced with the decision whether I should switch to another software or not.

Who can advise me?  :)


maybe there is an other hint for your need:

1) Transform your file into a PDF File
2) Open it in acrobat reader
3) Choose the print mode
4) Choose your needed filesize
5) Select the butten "poster" (=the german version, I don't now the english Acrobat translation)

I worked with that successfully if I had to print out lager drawings.

Hope it helps.

Best regards Rainer

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Keyword Problem
« on: 2019-04-23 07:35:16 »
Hello Daan,

many thanks for the extensive tips. I will be able to work with it.  :)

Greetings Rainer

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Keyword Problem
« on: 2019-04-21 09:27:07 »
I run 2 photo collections. Each collection contains several thousand photos. The photos are marked with keywords for better management (about 500 per collection). Each photo collection has its own database (.tpdb8).

1. to add a keyword to a photo I open the window "assign keywords" via the menu item "Thumpnail/keywords/assign keywords" by left-clicking. In this window only(!)and correctly the keywords of the current database are listed!

2. If I stay with the mouse pointer a little longer over the menu item "Thumpnail/keywords/assign keywords" a window opens and the keywords of both (!) databases will be listed here!

How can I ensure that even in case 2 only the keywords of the current database are displayed?

I use:
- ThumpsPlus10 pro on
- Windows10 64 bit

Best regards
Rainer Kuntz

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