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I have been using TP for image management for many years. During this time I have changed the computer and directories several times. I have looked at the tables with MDBPlus and found that there are many incorrect and nonsensical entries.

I would now like to convert the existing Access databases into Sqlite databases. I hope to have a better management of the data.

Does anyone have a tip on how I could do this most easily? The database structure is clear to me, but I want to do as little work as possible.

I am using TP10

Thanks and Greetings

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Keywords doesn't get displayed
« on: 2021-01-01 12:23:39 »
I installed a new PC. I have reinstalled my ThumpsPlus Pro 10 license on it. When I open ThumpsPlus Pro 10, the Thumpnails are displayed with the appropriate defaults. What does not work is the display of the keywords although I have marked the display accordingly in the setup. If I enter new keywords they are displayed. The old keywords are not displayed. What do i wrong?

My photos are stored on a NAS. OS is windows10 pro 64

Can someone help me please?

General Discussion / What's new about TP11
« on: 2020-05-21 05:02:01 »
It has been some time since an upgrade to TP11 was announced.

But there are no further statements on the website if and when a new version is expected! Has the new version been put on hold or will it not be developed further?

I am a long time user on TP and now I am faced with the decision whether I should switch to another software or not.

Who can advise me?  :)

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Keyword Problem
« on: 2019-04-21 09:27:07 »
I run 2 photo collections. Each collection contains several thousand photos. The photos are marked with keywords for better management (about 500 per collection). Each photo collection has its own database (.tpdb8).

1. to add a keyword to a photo I open the window "assign keywords" via the menu item "Thumpnail/keywords/assign keywords" by left-clicking. In this window only(!)and correctly the keywords of the current database are listed!

2. If I stay with the mouse pointer a little longer over the menu item "Thumpnail/keywords/assign keywords" a window opens and the keywords of both (!) databases will be listed here!

How can I ensure that even in case 2 only the keywords of the current database are displayed?

I use:
- ThumpsPlus10 pro on
- Windows10 64 bit

Best regards
Rainer Kuntz

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