Author Topic: My movies won't play - or are playing with the incorrect orientation  (Read 14859 times)

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The problem you are having is most likely the result of old, bad, incompatible or incorrect codec(s) on your system. There are a wide variety of codecs that are available everywhere. We can't control what user has what codec etc.. there are simply TOO many.

1. The following information has helped many ThumbsPlus users and it is not a difficult process at all. With the correct codecs on the system ThumbsPlus v10 works very well!  It does not matter what version of Windows you are on or whether or not these files play in other movie players. (Please note that installing the codecs I suggest will not cause other movie players any trouble.)

I have never had anyone not be helped by the following information.

In fact, here are some replies still sitting in my inbox, as I haven't had time to close them yet:

K-Lite Codec Mega Pack
.... everything is ok again!! Playing, making a thumbnail, no problem.

.....Thanks.  That got my MP4 files working again.

.....Thanks very much. It worked perfectly and your video player is very smooth on my machine.

The solution:

ThumbsPlus is designed to work with animation files with the default codecs that are installed on your system. Codecs can be overwritten by other applications or become corrupted. Please try installing these specific codecs:

I have had great success in the past with K-Lite Codec Mega Pack as it installs some alternate movie codecs that may help.

I have many customers who have used this codec pack and I have never had a complaint about its use. It is free and you can download it here:

2. If you don't want to install the codecs that WILL work with the ThumbsPlus v10 Movie Player, you have several other options.

*Right click the thumbnail box and go to "Edit" to open the movie in the associated movie player on your computer.

*Right click a thumbnail box of a movie format and go to "configure type". Change file loading to "None" and then when double clicking a thumbnail the movie will open in the associated player on your computer.

*You can put a toolbar icon for any movie player (any program in fact) on the ThumbsPlus toolbar.  If you have several players you like, you can put icons on the toolbar for all of them.

I have attached images that illustrate:
*Configuring ThumbsPlus to play movies in another movie player
*Putting toolbar icons for other movie players on the ThumbsPlus toolbar
*Configuring new movie file types like .mts files

3. Orientation:

I have recently been informed that animated files on some phones or pads now use a bit of Metadata. The problem is that the that metadata tells the video player what side is up and the Thumbs player doesn't use the metadata in animated files - yet.

Since movie files are starting to support metadata, ThumbsPlus will eventually be able to use the metadata field to orient the movie just as it should be doing correctly every time with your still images that contain this type of metadata.

There is probably an option in your phone settings that will helpful for future movies.

Another ThumbsPlus user told me:

"On the iphone, it is a known fact that if one wants correctly oriented play back then one must hold the home button on the right when taking the video."

Since your thumbnails are probably oriented correctly, the 2 options that may be helpful in this situation are mentioned above. (Either configure the mp4 files to load using "None" or put a toolbar icon on the ThumbsPlus toolbar for another movie player.) Or, if your movies are associated with another program on your computer, like Media Player, simply right click the thumbnail and go to "Edit" and it will open in the associated movie player on your system.

For additional help please e-mail