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4005 vs 4007
« on: 2016-03-16 19:21:04 »
What is the deal?  The web site now says 4005 is an official release (but still beta) because 4007 has a couple of significant issues.  Anyone know the issues?  Should 4007 even be available to the user community?  I reinstalled 4005 and of course had to reinstall the SQlite3 ODBC driver.


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4005 vs 4007
« Reply #1 on: 2016-03-20 09:37:32 »
I have some problems to follow Cerious as well. When build 4005 was that perfect, what was the motivation to release build 4007?  As you say, what are the couple of problems that make Cerious reluctant to deem 4007 an official build? Is 4005 considered as the final release of version 10 ignoring it's beta state?

Laura Shook

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4005 vs 4007
« Reply #2 on: 2016-03-24 13:52:57 »
ThumbsPlus Users:

ThumbsPlus v10 Build 4004 has a bug in the main interface that was/is causing a ton of trouble. (This bug was not caught in BETA but was fixed in build 4005.)

In build 4004, in most cases, if you move any panel in the ThumbsPlus main interface, everything stops working. In some instances the program will not even close.

The work around for this bug is to go to WINDOW>LAYOUT>DEFAULT LAYOUT or LIKE v7 LAYOUT. However, in some cases the user has to remove most of the personal preferences to get this working again.

I have requested to have build 4005 built as the official v10 current release for months so that I would not have to deal with this support issue. Many people were caught by this bug when first evaluating ThumbsPlus which caused them to throw it away!

We decided NOT to suggest BETA build 4007 because IT has a rather bad problem when renaming folders. (The focus jumps and you end up renaming the incorrect folder.)

There is a link to this information is on the top of our webpages:

I am sorry for the confusion. I am waiting impatiently for the next BETA build of ThumbsPlus v10 SP1. It will be BETA 3, build 4008. Hopefully after running that build for a short time we will be able to officially release v10 SP1.

These groups are for ThumbsPlus users to help each other due to popular request. This is not a way to receive support or answers from Cerious Software.

Again, I ask you kind forum members, if there is a question about ANYTHING here that you would like our opinion about, PLEASE have someone e-mail then they can share our response here.

Kind regards,
Laura Shook
Cerious Software