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Thanks.  SQLite is very frustrating.  Sometimes performance is reasonable but most of the time painfully slow.  I though the journal off option would help, but it appears not.

Thanks Pete.

Are you using SQLite with TP10?

Of course you will have to edit the file to match the way you want the status bar to display.

Let me know whether or not this works.


Well, been using TP10 heavily and it seems issues I thought were fixed are not fixed.  Can anyone else confirm the following?

- the rename/disappearing file is not fixed

- the SQLite database performance is back to being slow again

General Discussion / Cerious Software Forums
« on: 2015-07-17 09:54:55 »
Build 4001 - disappearing rename of files is not fixed.

Why this issue exists is a puzzle.  When you install TP10 (especially a "clean" install), the Thumbs10.vconfig file is not created so there is no way for TP to save view settings.  Do you still have a vconfig file?  If so, rename it Thumbs10.vconfig and the status bar settings you have manually edited will stick.  I would upload the Thumbs10.vconfig file I have, but I don't know how to upload files in this forum.  Can anyone help with the upload?

General Discussion / TP 10 review
« on: 2015-07-17 08:15:47 »
> My blog review of TP 10 is set to launch at 3 a.m. Friday (Eastern U.S.). Please check it out at Thanks.


You penned a fair and honest review of TP10.  I find TP10 more usable than TP8/9.

I use TP primarily as an image organizer/viewer and a dupe image finder (the indispensable feature of TP!).  In my experience TP7 is still superior from a usability standpoint.  I can tab between panes, F2 renames folders as well as files, ALT+n keys can be used to sort files, I can find duplicate video files, thumbnail creation is lightning fast (however, TP10 creates video thumbnails much faster), etc.  The only TP7 drawback is of course the 2GB limit on the database.

I now use TP7 for video files and TP10 (with SQLite) for image files.  TP10 added the "JournalMode=Off" parameter to the database so thumbnail creation performance is much improved (I wish TP10 would honor "SyncPragma=Off" as well).  Thank you to Cerious for making that change as I thought the SQLite performance was a big drawback.

There are still issues with TP10 that Cerious is aware of.  Hopefully with time these issues will be addressed.


General Discussion / TP 10 review
« on: 2015-07-16 20:32:31 »
> My blog review of TP 10 is set to launch at 3 a.m. Friday (Eastern U.S.). Please check it out at Thanks.

Looking forward to your review of TP10.  I like your review of FastStone.  I bought MaxView and have it interfaced to TP10.

General Discussion / Cerious Software Forums
« on: 2015-07-16 12:19:45 »
Build 4001 seems solid.

-Disappearing renamed files appears to be fixed.
-"JournalMode=Off" appears to improve performance of thumbnail creation.

There are still many annoying issues, but I will not bother Laura with bug reports or complaints.  TP10 is what it is, Laura knows the issues and they will get tended to or not as Cerious deems fit.


I had the same issue.  I deleted the following manually:

-Entries in start menu and if present the desktop icon and unpin from taskbar.

-The folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\ThumbsPlus9".

-The "9" files from "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\ThumbsPlus" that are not used.

-If you are feeling adventurous, delete ThumbsPlus9 registry entries using regedit (although these leftover entries seem to have no deleterious effects).

General Discussion / TP10 A New Buginning
« on: 2015-07-12 19:25:30 »
I have not reinstalled TP9 so no way to test.  However, has anyone else built a corresponding SQLite database from scratch in TP9 and then in TP10 to compare sizes?  Is there a way to determine if row size has increased in TP10?

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Moving files
« on: 2015-07-11 08:50:49 »
> I understand that files are either moved or copied.  When I drag and drop files I expected automatically to move (copy)the file and remove the copy in the original position.  I could do this in V7 but am now trying to use V9 (I know many of you are on V10).  Could some one point out what I am missing to accomplish this?
> Thanks Jim


Here is my experience with TP9 and TP10.  When dealing with a normal thumbnail display, dragging and dropping will move the file to the destination and delete it from the source.  When dealing with find-similar or by-name search results, dragging and dropping will COPY the file to the destination and NOT delete it from the source.  I use right-click and chose move to actually move the file.  Not sure why it works this way.

I hope this helps a bit.


This problem exists in TP9 as well.  The view settings are stored in the file Thumbs9.vconfig.  When I upgraded to TP10 the corresponding Thumbs10.vconfig file was not created so I copied Thumbs9.vconfig as Thumbs10.vconfig.

With TP10 closed, edit the Thumbs10.vconfig file and look for this line (note the line likely will have all or almost all values set to "=1"):

The "655nn" values correspond to each option.  (Previously, I had right clicked the view status bar and counted the options to relate the option to the "655nn" value.) Through trial and error I got the options set the way I wanted.  Off is "=0", On is "=1".  Save the file and when you start TP10, the view status options should be set the way you want them.

I hope this helps.


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