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I find everything runs much faster with the updated sqlite odbc drivers.  Performance seems to meet or exceed that of the legacy access database.  Hopefully Cerious will address this issue.

Be sure your Thumbs10.ini file database options are set like:

InitialDatabase=Database=;Driver={ThumbsPlus SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Timeout=5000;NoCreat=Yes;JournalMode=Off;SyncPragma=Off

Are you running Win10?  On my Win10 machine, there indeed are no sqlite* files until I installed the driver I referenced in my original post.  Not sure how TP10 works on Win10.  Ugh.

I think you need the 32-bit version.  TP10 is a 32-bit program and I installed the 32-bit version from the referenced website.

> A good tip, thanks.
> I've installed 'sqlite odbc w64.exe'. For TP, it should not matter, since it acts as a frontend for SQLite.
> I think to determine a significant acceleration of many operations, but for objective measurements I have no options.
> The installation must be performed only once, when the 'sqlite3odbc' from the SQL program directory is copied into the ODBC directory of TP10.
> This will probably be necessary with every update.

Thanks for your reply! I thought I would need to copy sqlite3odbc.dll to the TP10\ODBC directory, but so far it has not been necessary.  The updated sqlite3odbc.dll is installed into C:\Windows\sysWOW64 replacing the one installed by TP10.  This seems to be the one that gets used.  The difference in performance is staggering (to the good).

Win7 64-bit.  TP10 build 4007.

For what it is worth and information provided for use at your own risk:

I googled sqlite3odbc.dll which led me to this web site:

I took a chance and downloaded the sqliteodbc.exe (under Current Version) sqlite odbc driver installation program and installed it.  Ran all the virus checks with no issues.

The sqlite3odbc.dll that comes with TP10 is version 0.81 based on sqlite 3.6.13.

The odbc driver program installs version 0.9992 based on sqlite 3.8.9.

The performance improvement thus far is an order of magnitude.  Still testing but so far so very good.  I am guessing I will have to reinstall this driver with each new version of TP10.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Multiple Databases
« on: 2016-01-03 20:13:12 »

When you hit the limit of 2GB and there are no orphans or deleted records, nothing you can do will reclaim space as there is nothing to reclaim.  I have hit the limit and it is not pretty.


"OS is Win10 x64. According to Control Panel, I have Thumbsplus 10 4005 and Thumbsplus Digicam 5.5 installed, and nothing else from Cerious. When I have a look at folders under "C:\Program Files (x86)", I see a ThumbsPlus10 folder (23Mb), a "ThumbsPlus 10" folder (153Mb), and a ThumbsPlus9 folder (47Mb)."

This issue was introduced when Cerious decided to name the install folder "ThumbsPlus 10" instead of "ThumbsPlus10".  When the upgrade was done, the existing "ThumbsPlus10" folder was not deleted.  I deleted "ThumbsPlus10" and "ThumbsPlus9" with no consequence.  Be wary of deleting the files in ProgramData as I think they are used by the uninstall process.

If you are running shy of space, try the disk clean up tool in Windows.  It will allow you to safely delete any unnecessary Windows 10 install files.  Also, if you upgraded to Win10 from 7 or 8, you may have a Windows.old folder on the C drive which is literally the system prior to the upgrade.  If you are happy with Win10 installation, you can delete this entire folder.  Google Windows.old for information.

Please proceed with caution.  :)


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Multiple Databases
« on: 2016-01-03 18:48:01 »
When you hit the access database limit without any orphans present, compacting does not matter.  You are out of space.

They may also be used to uninstall the software.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Multiple Databases
« on: 2016-01-03 14:06:59 »
I do this myself with TP7 and the Access Database.  To create a new database, open TP, click File|Database|New Database.  To switch between databases, click File|Database|Open Database.

You can also create unique icons to start different databases.  For example create a desktop icon for TP, then right click, select properties and change the target:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ThumbsPlus7\Thumbs.exe" ""

If you are using TP10, use the SQlite database to lift database size restrictions, otherwise follow the above suggestions if you want to create multiple databases.  However, click Database|New... or Database|Open.

Hopefully this is of some help.


V10 with SQlite database is soooooooooo frustrating.  Sometimes it creates thumbnails very fast.  Most times it just crawls.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this happens.  It seems V10 is not consistent in reading configuration settings at startup.

> > at the moment I reorganize my picture database using TP 10. That means I move or delete a lot of folders. Is it possible to move or delete multiple folders simultaneously?
> I don't know how reliable this is, but: Click on the Filter button (funnel symbol) above your thumbnail listing and choose 'include folders'. This will show a thumbnail in the listing for each subfolder. Now you can select these (multiple) subfolders and drag/drop or move/copy/delete them.
> When I tried this in my build 4001 on XP, ThumbsPlus still showed the moved folders in their original folder afterwards (as well as in their new folder, where they actually were), even after a Ctrl-F5 (refresh). It only cleaned them up after I clicked on one of them. However the drag/drop operation itself had been successful.

I tried this on Win7 with Build 4004 and it seemed to work fine.  I display folder thumbnails, so I just selected a couple of folder thumbnails and moved them.  The files moved along with the image thumbnails, but the folder thumbnails had to be refreshed as you indicated.

Good call Daan.

I never said they are harmful.  The left over ThumbsPlus10 folders/files are not harmful either.  They are, however, indicative of a poorly programmed installer/uninstaller.

I noticed the same thing.  It appears the installer does not fully take into account the old folder is "ThumbsPlus10" and the new is "ThumbsPlus 10".  Residual files from 4001 remain after the 4002 install.  Also, many "ThumbsPlus10" entries remain in the registry.  I saved the files in "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\ThumbsPlus" then uninstalled 4002 and all the residual build 4001 files still remain.  I then deleted all residual "ThumbsPlus10" folders/files and registry entries.

I have not reinstalled 4002.  I figured out a thumbnail size/quality that allowed me to create thumbnails for all files using TP7.

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