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General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-02-19 09:48:20 »
I googled this until my fingers bled, but I could not find anything really close to what you need.  TP10 was designed with windows within the main window (as best I can tell) which allows the multiple images?  The closest I could find is IrfanView but you have to play games with the setup and windows tiling, but it still is not what you are looking for.  Hopefully someone else has the answer.


General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-02-17 00:02:07 »
Another thing I really like about XnViewMP is the ability to customize the GUI.  I also like that is handles video files.

General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-02-15 15:23:12 »
The closest I've found is XNView MP ( ).

The app is free for non commercial use and development continues.  I have used it on both Windows 10/11 and Fedora Linux (the program is faster on Linux!)


I want to thank you for all of the help you have provided over the years.

I still have v2.1 (c1993) and v3.1 diskettes, so I am a long time user.  There is no other image manager that comes close to ThumbsPlus (XnViewMP is close, but no cigar).  I use v7 to manage video files and v10 to manage image files.  It is sad that no one has taken over the application and continued its development.  I guess it is true that all good things come to an end?

Kindest regards,

General Discussion / Re: Is ThumbsPlus still in business?
« on: 2024-01-20 23:51:52 »
Back in 2017, I paid $60.00 for a perpetual license over and above what I paid for version 10.  And crickets.  What angers me is we are stuck with the last update to version 10 that is riddled with bugs and nothing of the promised version 11.  I hope the folks at Cerious are well, but they sure went out on a very sour note.

Thanks, Dann.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TP10/Windows 11/Folder Icons
« on: 2022-11-04 12:02:44 »
Prior to Win11 22H2, M$ removed folder thumbnails so TP10 only displays a plain folder thumbnail for any new or refreshed folders.  Win11 22H2 restored a pitiful version of folder thumbnails so at least we get a stupid looking cropped single image thumbnail.  WTF M$?  Is there any way to make TP10 create folder thumbnails similar to XnViewMP?  i.e. folder thumbnail with 1 to 4 image thumbnails within.

ThumbsPlus Beta Discussion / Re: Update News?
« on: 2020-11-30 19:22:03 »
I purchased a perpetual license on 5/1/2017.  I would really like to know the status of Version 11.  I feel like we have been mislead on the future of TP.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / SP2 4013
« on: 2018-03-01 12:58:58 »

Update:  I have a bunch of video file on a HDD.  TP10/4013 creates thumbnails very quickly (database on SSD).  So, HDD is a viable option for files.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / SP2 4013
« on: 2018-03-01 12:07:39 »
Hi Rainer,

I too thought TP10 was dead so was quite surprised when an update was released.  Like you, I have not found any new issues (but several annoying issues remain, i.e. disappearing thumbnail on certain file rename conditions).

Cerious modified the install to include sqliteodbc(v0.9995) as the odbc driver.  Yesterday, I noticed sqliteodbc(v0.9996) has been released.

TP10 4013 does seem to be a bit smoother in operation and the activity indicator finally works.

I can offer no input regarding HDD other than I cannot imagine using a HDD over a SSD (at least for the database).

Thanks to Cerious for this update.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TAB key functionality
« on: 2018-02-26 11:32:21 »
Ah, glad you figured out Location.  It confused me at first as well.

I think the idea with TP10 is that you can place the individual "windows" anywhere you want. But I prefer the way TP7 worked.  If I could figure out a way to use the SQlite database with TP7, I would stop using TP10.

One of the more frustrating changes in TP10 is the elimination of the ALT+num to sort the thumbnails.  ALT+0 works to sort by similarity, but it is the only one that still works.


There seems to be an issue with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  Google "cannot drag and drop in outlook 2016" for help.

This is the first URL:


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TAB key functionality
« on: 2018-02-25 22:14:01 »
I agree is it very awkward.  Version 7 is a single window with panes, so the tab key worked between the panes.  Version 10 creates a window for each pane so the tab key no longer works as expected.  I rather doubt this can be changed based on the way the TP10 GUI is laid out.

Also, what do you mean by "leaves out the older pane"?


I can drag+drop the image from TP10/4013 into Thunderbird by highlighting thumbnail then right click/hold and drag the image to e-mail composition window.

I can also highlight the thumbnail then Ctrl+C to copy the actual image, then Ctrl+V to paste the image into the e-mail composition.

Puzzled why this would not work with Outlook.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TAB key functionality
« on: 2018-02-25 21:49:28 »
I am using Win7+TP10/SP2/4013.  Ctrl+Tab brings up a pane box ... you can continue to Ctrl+Tab to the pane you want then let go.  Shift+Ctrl+Tab works backwards.

Hope this is helpful.

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