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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TP10/Windows 11/Folder Icons
« on: 2022-11-04 12:02:44 »
Prior to Win11 22H2, M$ removed folder thumbnails so TP10 only displays a plain folder thumbnail for any new or refreshed folders.  Win11 22H2 restored a pitiful version of folder thumbnails so at least we get a stupid looking cropped single image thumbnail.  WTF M$?  Is there any way to make TP10 create folder thumbnails similar to XnViewMP?  i.e. folder thumbnail with 1 to 4 image thumbnails within.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / 4005 vs 4007
« on: 2016-03-16 19:21:04 »
What is the deal?  The web site now says 4005 is an official release (but still beta) because 4007 has a couple of significant issues.  Anyone know the issues?  Should 4007 even be available to the user community?  I reinstalled 4005 and of course had to reinstall the SQlite3 ODBC driver.

Win7 64-bit.  TP10 build 4007.

For what it is worth and information provided for use at your own risk:

I googled sqlite3odbc.dll which led me to this web site:

I took a chance and downloaded the sqliteodbc.exe (under Current Version) sqlite odbc driver installation program and installed it.  Ran all the virus checks with no issues.

The sqlite3odbc.dll that comes with TP10 is version 0.81 based on sqlite 3.6.13.

The odbc driver program installs version 0.9992 based on sqlite 3.8.9.

The performance improvement thus far is an order of magnitude.  Still testing but so far so very good.  I am guessing I will have to reinstall this driver with each new version of TP10.


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / View Performance
« on: 2015-07-21 13:01:01 »
I'm getting excellent view window performance with these settings (1920x1200 monitor):


OK.  I've seen the light!  I have changed from Like 7 to Default layout (old habits die hard?) and it solves a few complaints:

- blurred initial preview image (now preview pane is always visible)

- unreliable activity indicators and lack of "Tasks (0/0)" counter (now task pane is always visible making the activity indicators and counter unnecessary - unchecked the activity indicators option)

- Ctrl+Tab between panes is much smoother

I lost one column of thumbnail display, but the benefits outweigh that loss.

One feature of TP8/9/10 I absolutely love is the ability to add virtually every menu entry to the toolbar.  The ability to add "Find Similar" to the toolbar is a real plus.


Well, been using TP10 heavily and it seems issues I thought were fixed are not fixed.  Can anyone else confirm the following?

- the rename/disappearing file is not fixed

- the SQLite database performance is back to being slow again

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Daan, please help
« on: 2015-06-01 15:04:22 »

Could you possibly use your influence to get Cerious to fix the serious bugs in build 3950?  Since Laura does not have time to read the forums, maybe you could inform her of the items we've encountered?

Kindest regards,

Enough said.  (Edit:  the files do not have a thumbnail in the database.)

What a damn joke.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / TP9 Build 3946 Slower?
« on: 2015-02-12 11:02:10 »
Seat of the pants feel ... build 3946 seems overall slower than previous builds especially displaying thumbnails.

I really wish the program would not override PRAGMA settings for SQlite3 database.  Allowing users to turn journal off would dramatically improve performance.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / ThumbsPlus v9 SP2 3945
« on: 2015-02-06 16:47:11 »
This is B.S.

Not one issue we've reported over and over has been fixed.

It seems TP9 may behave differently each time it is started.  Does this have something to do with the way Thumbs9.ini is processed?

Sometimes the activity indicators are displayed on the status line and sometimes not.  The parameter is "ShowActIndicators=1".

The initial database entry is ...
"InitialDatabase=Database=D:\IMDBTP9\Thumbs9.tpdb8s;Driver={ThumbsPlus SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Timeout=5000;PRAGMA synchronous = OFF;PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF"

This is my take ...

Most times when the activity indicators are working, TP9 creates/maintains thumbnails very fast (i.e. the PRAGMA settings are observed).  Images are displayed very quickly without the windowing gyrations between each image.  Overall TP9 performance is very fast.  

Most times when the activity indicators are not working, TP9 creates thumbnails very slowly.  Images are displayed slower with windowing gyrations.  Overall TP9 performance seems slower.

Laura, any thoughts on this?

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Thumbnail Compression?
« on: 2014-09-22 17:41:24 »
What is the preference for thumbnail compression?  I have been using JPEG with quality 88.  Has anyone used LZH?  I tested LZH once and it seems to take more space than JPEG/88.  I cannot detect any difference in the performance of thumbnail creation between LZH and JPEG.  Thanks for any input.

Thumbnail creation is now painfully slow.  It is taking hours to create thumbnails that are created in minutes using TP7.  I have both image files and database files on SSD drives - image files on one SATA3 port and database files on another SATA3 port.  Can anyone suggest a way to improve the performance?  This is the database entry from the Thumbs9.ini file:

InitialDatabase=Database=D:\IMDBTP9\Thumbs9.tpdb8s;Driver={ThumbsPlus SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Timeout=5000;NoCreat=Yes;SyncPragma=OFF

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / WARNING on SP2 Beta 1
« on: 2014-09-17 17:57:13 »
I have found that trying to rename a folder causes serious problems.  I highlight a folder and press Shift+F5 to rename.  Using the backspace key in rename changes the thumbnails displayed in the thumbnail pane.  Using the delete key in rename deletes files or folders depending what is displayed in the thumbnail pane.

I am removing this damn program from my system and thankfully I backup my files.

I would not ask someone else to confirm this but DO YOU TEST THIS STUFF?????

Update:  was able to retrieve the files from the recycle bin.

Ugh.  Build 3938 collapses the Location folder tree after removing orphans.

Cerious ... come on.  FIX THIS PROGRAM!

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