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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Resizing distortion
« on: 2018-07-13 01:17:58 »

Have been using the 'downsize' setting for a couple years, it helps but does not fully correct the distortion problem that  Thumbsplus  creates when you resize an image.  When you resize large images,  TP  will create grainy results.

It is unfortunate that for years and several versions,  Cerious  has not addressed this basic issue and function of a photo tool.

So the problem remains, I ran in to it this weekend again,  working with various photos and needing to resize down about 1/4 the size and it was clearly grainy.  When I switched to MS-Paint, I had no issues resizing.



That was the key, I thought I recall the monitor option for SlideShows was in a different place, but searched and was missing it.  Thank you!


I have a PC system with three monitors, two of which are normal PC monitors, one is a mid-size LED TV.  I use  ThumbsPlus 10 on the first monitor and normally view pictures I open and edit and crop, on the second monitor.

Some reason, when I use F8 for a basic slideshow, it displays these on the third screen, the TV.  In past it displayed the slideshow on the 2nd screen, my preference.

I have only found one place in TB to select the monitor, that is under...  Options tab,  Viewing page,  in the 'Misc' section.  I seem to recall a second setting option for Slideshows screen.

Well now after attempting to correct the issue, now when I simply open a picture, it goes to screen 1, no longer 2 as before,  and when I hit F8 it still goes to the 3rd screen.

Read somewhere this was a bug in version 8 I think...  

Am I missing the options?
How do I correct / reset my selections?
 - so when I open a picture it geos to Screen 2?
 - and when I hit F8 it also go to screen 2 ?


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Resizing distortion
« on: 2016-12-10 17:25:49 »

A program that seems to resize larger images to common or semi custom sizes, without extra steps by the User...  MS Paint,  seems to do a better job out of the box than Thumbsplus. If it is auto doing stuff, as your post seems to say, then why isn't TP auto doing stuff.  

But to doing a stock click button option resize, Paint.  It does not do many many other things TP does, but one would expect Cerious to consider photo size reduction a common and critical feature in photo editing.


Thanks for the test also. Confirms what I have been finding, all the new large format, hi res photos our cameras take, are not being cleaning resized without loss of some quality, by Thumbsplus.  

And you can do some clean up / extra steps as Daan listed, but TP impacts quality when it resizes.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Resizing distortion
« on: 2016-11-28 10:51:39 »
OK, I have been using the Filter to  'Sharpen'  the image with some results, but felt was still not as crisp and clean, as the original picture.  

You used the 'UnSharp Mask'  option in the 'Sharpen' filter area  (vs my 'Sharpen/Sharpen') to clean up the edges.
And this was done after the resize reduction.

When I 'zoom in' after I still have blurry lettering on the sides of the rail cars though.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Resizing distortion
« on: 2016-11-28 00:18:47 »
Here is a picture taken with a Canon Rebel XS camera...

The original photo is  3888x2592-24
 -- can not upload because it's over 2meg in size
 -- so here is the photo file on my site to view 'online'...

Here is the photop reduced to  1200x800-24

And here (the original) is reduced to  600x400-24

These were reduced using the default settings in the  'Resize'  option.

Look at the letters and numbers on the side of the railroad cars, and notice they get distorted with reduction.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Resizing distortion
« on: 2016-11-27 22:18:47 »
Anyone else still finding (and getting tired) of the 'resizing' feature in ThumpsPlus, over the recent versions?

This is when you say, take a higher resolution photo like 4000x3000 pixels, and resize it down to say 1100x825.  The result is some distortion and fuzzy edges.  Does not seem as bad if using a default size like  1024x768  but looking for a little bigger size.  And at times smaller like say, 500x375.

This has been a problem for years now with ThumbsPlus in the last couple versions, up to and including Version 10.  It was presented again in January of this year by Michael in this thread...
I also presented this question in June of 2015 with similar results...

There are a couple others that mentioned it also.  Maybe Cerious has no interest in this problem or fixes to it, as I reported a couple times  (at least by me)  and in this forum.

Anyone found a major selection in TP that fixes this, where you do not have to do any tricks, simply open a large format picture, select Resize, can key in a custom size and it reduces the size and does not distort the quality?

Been using TP also, like Michael, for many years over the many upgrades, but this bug or design flaw (call it what makes your happy), has been an issue for some time and really makes TP less-good for the daily photo crop and resize, of modern larger format pictures...



Thanks for the reply and thoughts.  The catch is I am trying to develop a 'process' for ways to access photo pages from different places.  And opening in a new tab and closing the session, is one approach.  Which per your notes, may not work in some browsers.  

Maybe you or someone has a way to do this differently.  Lets set an example...   imagine having some construction progress photos of the new back porch deck being built on your home. You have 8 pictures on a June 15th update page...

Now big picture of the project, you setup a section on your website that shows work on your new back porch. It has sub-pages that show, when you tore down the old porch in May, one showing the new ground work in late May, one with the new foundation in early June, and these deck being installed on June 15th, with one or two more pages showing when completed and then of the first BBQ party on July 4th.

1-  I want to have a "New Back Porch" page with links to each sub-page, including the June 15th with 8 pictures.

2-  I have a "Parties" page, where there will be a link to the July 4th BBQ party sub-page, along with other unrelated to porch, party photos.

3-  I have a running log file that lists any new pages added on the home page, so it would have a link there when I add a page here, or page there for stuff like the June 15th.

Now when family or friends go to the site and go to the 'New Porch Progress' page, they can click on of the dates of the progress, and after they go to that 'June 15th' progress page, I want them to be able to return to the Porch Progress page.  And if they click on the July 4th BBQ page, they go to that page and return to the New Porch page.

If family goes to the Parties page, then visit the July 4th page, I want them to be able to return to the Parties page, not the Porch progress page.

And if someone goes to the site home page, looks at the log file and clicks the link for the June 15th or the July 4th pages, they can go to those photo pages, and can return to the Log page.

So the idea is, if I open the photo pages in a new tab, and then force close that tab after, what every menu they started on, they will be back on that page...

A little more involved, and creative needs, but I will have 3-4 different places that I want people to get to the same  'June 15th' progress page, and want them to return back to their original menu when done.  And do not want to have 3-4 button on the bottom of each photo back saying "go back here..."  or  "go back there..."  approach.

Thus, the new tab and close tab.

Daan,  I think I am using a photo viewing  .tptp  maybe you created, that opens the thumbnails in to a html page with the picture clicked on,  then lets you go Previous, Next, or back to Index.  Did you devise that?  ha ha

Well to the question...  if there a way to have  TP  treat the thumbnail links as a 'open in new tab'  instead of default?
   I know some photo page option in TP do that, opening a tab with the picture and you have to close the tab and go back to the index.


In creating web pages using the Webpage Wizard, looking for two options, maybe combination of other features, if available or some manual one-time template coding I can setup...

I create many web pages with the Wizard.  Been using a custom .tptp someone here designed for manually moving from photo to photo, it opens the photo as a new html page and has button words for Next, Previous, and Index.  They can advance to the next picture, go to previous or exit back to the Index page.

What I want to do is, when a Visitor clicks the thumbnail on the main Index page, for it to open that photo page with the picture, in a 'new tab' leaving the web page in the original tab.  From there if they see picture 5 they clicked on, they can go Next to 6, Next to 7, Previous to 6 (for example), and exit back to the Index web page.

And when they select exit for the Index page, it closes that 'new tab'.  Thus the browser defaults back to the web page with the index list and thumbnails.

So thus basic web page with thumbnails, when you click on the thumbnail it opens a 'new tab' not staying in the same browser session tab.  And in that slideshow  (it is similar to the default Photo and Photo 2 templates), when they click 'Index' or 'Exit', it will close that new tab.

The default Photo or Photo 2 templates for example work great, but they open the photo as an html page, in the same tab/session.  And after scrolling thru pictures when you exit it directs back to the index page site link.  

Works great in general but I need it to go to a new tab and then close that tab when exiting.

Is there an option in TP for this?  

Did not see one when testing with the default  Photo  template, to open the picture page in a new tab, it always opens in same.
And did not see in the code  .tptp  template code where clicking exit/index tell it where to go, so could tweak.



I am viewing in full size.

What I have found in some testing this afternoon is, the terrible fuzzy results tend to come when using 'custom' pixel settings.   As example, if I take a 2000x1500 picture and resize to 235x176,  a size I need for a web slide show image.  The image becomes very fuzzy.  But if I go to a default size of 320x240 the image retains most of it's quality.

What I also noticed is, the 'resolution' boxes were empty when doing Custom.  But after using a default size, they now have 72x72.  If I do Custom after that, they still have 72x72 and my 235x176 is much nicer.

So I tried Custom size of 235x176, I set Resolution at 100x100, and Interpolation set to 'Bi-Cubic' the results were tad fuzzy.

I then tried same Custom and Resolution with Interpolation to 'downsample', the image was much nicer.  Did a Filter, Sharpen, Unmask and tad better.

All these custom settings and extra filter steps, and I can get the same resized quality and results, that I am getting with MS-Paint and it's resize feature.  This is not a fix, but another issue in TP.


Lately noticing even more fuzzy results with resizing images in Thumbsplus.  I normally try to start with medium to higher resolution pictures, say 4000x3000 or at least 2000x1500, and drop to 1024x768.  Have noticed slight quality lost and fuzzy.

But when I take a larger photo and try to make a business card size picture, like 235x176, the content becomes unusable, terrible distortion.

Funny thing is, just using MS-Paint to do this works fine, no issues.

So what gives in TP v9 now, as do not recall this being an issue in v7?

So mention of setting the 'Interpolation' during Resize, to 'Resample' or 'Bi-Cubic' but nether really helped.  Nor did using a Filter to Sharpen and 'unmask'.

Seems the programmers screwed up another basic feature of a photo editor, in v9 where it is distorting terrible on a resize to very small.

Am I missing a simple setting that id defaulting wrong in v9 to fix this?



Thank you again for the add-ins for Thumbsplus and the auto slideshow feature.  It is nice and easy to use.

Drawbacks though are, you no longer have the ability to just view the main image one at a time, by clicking on the image.

Also, there is no way to exit the slideshow.  So if there was 20 pictures and you wanted to stop after the 5th, can't have to just site and wait, else close the page.

It's a nice option, but not really clean slideshow option to go with the normal photo viewing page setup.  Also would be re-creating all the photo pages in part.

So still looking for software that will, take existing photo files, let you have a link to go to a Slide page and watch the existing pictures, in a slideshow, and have some control else exit option, and using existing picture files as exist today.

As mentioned, have used Thumbsplus (for many years) and created over 200 photo pages ranging from a few as 5 pictures to as many as 25 or more. Hoping to find what I have seen elsewhere used but to take advantage of existing photo files.

Thank you though!
...the search continues...


Thanks for the reply and option!  

What I am looking for is software that, I can point into the .../.../March Update  sub-folder, select the picture files that are already there and us them to create a slideshow of them.  

I've got several HUNDRED photo pages created with Thumbsplus, with 5 to 25 pictures per page.  And the last 50+ I manually setup the manual slideshow process I devised two years ago.

I do not want to continue the manual efforts.  Once I create a photo page using the ThumbsPlus web-page wizard, I go revise the text and content.  I want to be able to just add a link to a slideshow page that some other software created, that uses the same picture files that are in the folder now.

The software I tested does this nicely, except to the terrible fact, it makes a second and slightly larger copy of each photo file.  So if I was to go apply to all my 200+ pages I have now, it would double the 1600-2200 photos files there now to next 4000 and double the drive space,

So looking for software that, odes like Wow, but uses existing picture files already in the folder.


Looking to see if anyone is using a simple Slideshow software in addition to Thumbsplus, in the create of website photo pages ?

I have used the "webpage wizard" for many years as the basis for my various photo pages online.  People can visit the March update or the October progress page, and find a TP created photo page I enhance with an HTML editor. It has the thumbnail icons, which they can click to see the full size pictures.

I created a manual "slide show" process a few years ago, but it is really just separate HTML pages, that go manually picture by picture.

I am looking for software that will use the 'existing' photo pages I gave, more so, the existing photo 'files' in those pages, to simply give a more modern, automatic, "slideshow" presentation of the exiting picture files in the existing folder.

Here is an example of a photo page for an event site and the manual slide shows...

And here is a different photo page for the event with slide software I tried...

Try the 'slideshow' option on each page to see my old way, and the extra software way.  the new way is nice, it's what I would like, except, with the new software I have the Pic-A thumbnail at 10k, the Pic-A picture in full size at 500k, and the copy of Pic-A2 at 500k for the slide sofwtare to use for itself.

I have tried some software programs, but they tend to make revised copies of the picture files.  So thus have a folder for March updates, it has 10 thumbnails adding up to say 200k, then 10 full size pictures at say 500k each adding up to maybe 5meg.  And those programs making copies gives me an additional 5meg.

As note, I would prefer to NOT need to have a Database Engine or addons on the hosted system, for this feature.  The software I have tested work independent but just force the duplicate photo files.

SO...  anyone using the web-page wizard to create a photo page,  AND  using some other software to use the existing photo files in that page, created by Thumbsplus, software to present the existing picture files in a online web slide show ?


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Rotating images doesn't work
« on: 2014-06-21 15:17:48 »
=>  Rotating images doesn't work (ThumbsPlus v9 Support)
>  by Laura Shook, Thursday, August 08, 2013, 14:21 (317 days ago) @ DavidMed

>  There is another option in OPTIONS>PREFERENCES>METADATA that you can
>  turn on/off rotation. You can also try "Don't rotate portrait images"
>  in the same dialog box.

Wanted to chime in, year later on this issue and, the above steps from Laura resolved the issue for me.

I was having the loss of rotated orientation issue, since getting v9.  I would take the original photo, resize down as needed, rotate as needed, save to a new file.  The thumbnail stayed un-rotated and when I reopened the photo after, was un-rotated still.

Turned off "Rotate based on XMP/EXIF orientation" as it reads in v9 Sp1, fixed the problem.  So guessing, this option must have come about or came enabled as a default, somewhere in the various releases of v9, as was fine in years past.


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