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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Slow startup
« on: 2016-11-22 12:18:29 »
I have the latest build. Win 7, 16 gb RAM, SSD boot drive. Database on SSD, tp8 extension. Startup when the last viewed folder contains 198 images the program hangs with Create the tree pane contents. Sometimes for over a minute!

Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I do not recall it being this slow with previous releases of V10.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Import from TP7 [OK]
« on: 2011-05-08 11:51:13 »

I switched to TP8 when I brought up this Win 7 machine. I tried to convert the TP7 data and did not like the results (too long ago to remember what was wrong).

I have one problem that I would have asked about then had the newsgroups been working: the old database contains a large collection of data on offline CDs. I'd really like to have away to move that to TP8 without re-scanning those disks.

Is there a way? I have Access 2007 if that would be helpful.

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